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  • "Need answers to questions"...Is h
    e/she cheating?...
  • Where is he/she going after work?..Is he/she having an affair?..What do I need to do!?!..


  • Spending time depressed over a broken relationship, can't "let go"?

  • Personal finances out-of-control, unhappily married, divorce troubles?

  • Distance in your the relationship, your spouse has an addiction? (i.e. shopping, substance, alcohol, irresponsible)

  • Cheating spouse? Substance abuse? Need guidance?
    1. Know the signs to problems?
    2. How should you react?
    3. Should you stay or leave?

  • Experiencing problems with In-laws, step-kids, ex-wives or husbands, family/sibling or friends?

    "Let me give you a Personal Psychic reading with advice."

  • "Someone with accurate readings and (7) years of experience, that could help guide you though life's troubling situations.

    "Men or Women give me a call"


  • "Self-esteem" problems?

  • Unanswered questions about your life's path?

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